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3M+ subs

So, Mercury by @StreamElements is really aiming to change YouTube. It brings dynamic banners, descriptions, and thumbnails that AUTO-update based off other triggers & widgets.

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Rodey Bros

570k+ subs

I have been working with @StreamElements Mercury Team to build and test features for YouTube channels that have never been made before.

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800k+ subs

Mercury is changing the game!

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1.6m+ subs

Mercury by @StreamElements did a great job! Happy to be part of their exclusive few that they are testing this out it with.

tiger Logo


137k+ subs

Working with Mercury by StreamElements and HelloFresh was a seamless experience from start to finish. They gave me the opportunity to not only earn money, but also be personable with my audience!

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25k+ subs

The sponsorship process in Mercury was simple and KPIs easy to meet. I was paid for the sponsorship + additional for sign ups. I'd definitely recommend it!

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